Health Club Strengthens Their Finances
with RVA Business Reductions

Case study:

Fort Stamford Health and Fitness | South West

Fort Stamford is not just a Health and Fitness club. They like to push themselves beyond for their customers, including other amenities such as a hairdresser and beauty salon, sauna, pristine tennis courts, and much more. It was this go-getter attitude that had them reaching out to RVA.



1st April 2017

Leisure & hospitality

The Challenge for the Client

While the client had taken possession of the property before the current rating list (i.e. before 1st April 2017), they believed that the Rateable Value (RV) of the property had increased an excessive amount when compared to similar properties in the area. As such, they decided to reach out to a business rates reduction specialist, and reassured with RVA Surveyors ‘no reduction, no fee’ policy and proven history of achieving reductions, they chose to engage with us to investigate their business rates.

The Solution

RVA dispatched a surveyor promptly to carry out an on-site inspection which would allow them to gather the necessary evidence to build a case. Based on the evidence gathered from their evidence and the supplementary evidence supplied by the client, the surveyor was able to build a case. The surveyor found that a significant reduction was possible for the client, as while the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) held the correct factual information, the squash courts were not counted by the VOA to be a part of the main space of the property – which would have afforded them a lower value.

The Outcome

With this evidence, RVA Surveyors submitted a Check (the first stage of the Check, Challenge, Appeal, process). The VOA came back quickly with their initial response, which was a rejection of the proposed reduction. However, RVA Surveyors disagreed with this decision and launched a Challenge. After some deliberation, the VOA agreed with our proposed revisions to the RV; reducing it from £40,750 to £36,750. This 10% reduction in the RV meant that Fort Stamford Health and Fitness had a total savings of over £8000 (backdated to 1st April 2017, and remaining in place until at least 31st 2023).

Client Comments and Recommendation

“I was very happy with the service provided. The surveyor wanted to know all about the facilities we offer, the competition we face and researched the RV of competitors to successfully argue our case and achieve a reduction of our rates and retrospective rebate.”

Case Study – Fort Stamford June 10, 2022