The Children’s Liver Disease Foundation

The Children’s Liver Disease Foundation (CLDF) is one of the charities RVA Surveyors would like to work with in the future.  The CLDF was established in 1980 and is the only charity in the UK focusing solely on childhood diseases of the liver. CLDF funds research into the causes and treatments of childhood liver disease, provides information and a tailored support service for affected children and their families, and gives everyone who is affected a strong, collective voice.

Problems Affecting the Liver

There are various problems which can affect the liver, with many different causes. The liver is a highly complex bodily organ which performs a lot of vital functions. It can be negatively affected by thigs we ingest, such as alcohol, drugs or other poisons. Poor blood supply to the liver can cause problems, as can viruses or infections that may cause swelling and inflammation. The liver produces bile and the flow of this can get blocked, or there could be a metabolic disease causing the problems. In some cases of liver disease, a specific underlying cause cannot be found. These cases are called cryptogenic or idiopathic. The infographic attachment looks at some of the statistics for liver disease in England and Wales.


Nutrition plays a key role in maintaining a healthy body in general and the liver is a vital part of the body’s system for breaking down foods and distributing nutrients. Unfortunately, some children with liver disease may find that the liver doesn’t process those nutrients as effectively as it should. This can have an adverse effect on health and can affect the child’s appetite. A dietician may be assigned to perform a nutritional assessment and make recommendations for dietary changes that can help the child maintain healthy weight and body function. For young babies, there are special infant formulas that have a higher content of MCT fats, which can help the baby’s continued growth.

How CLDF Helps

The Children’s Liver Disease Foundation helps affected children and their families in many different ways. This can range from something as simple as having someone provide a sympathetic ear, to something as complex as explaining a rare liver disease to parents in terms they can easily understand. Within the CLDF community, children who have liver disease can become part of a community, spending time at events with other children who also have liver disease, or access exciting Breakaway residential adventure trips to learn a new skill. Money is also provided via the CLDF for vital research into every aspect of liver disease in children.

Support the CLDF

The lives of people affected by childhood liver disease are transformed by the work of the CLDF, and that work would not be possible without the generous support of the public. Making donations, volunteering or organising a fundraising event are all ways in which every individual can make a difference.

Fundraising activities can be organised in the office or at school, at home or during a social gathering. Fundraisers can work individually or in a group, source ideas from the CLDF website or come up with unique fundraising initiatives, or take part in events that have already been organised.

A popular fundraising technique involves taking part in some form of challenge, such as running a marathon, competing in a triathlon, or completing a skydive, getting sponsorship from others for participating in the challenge.