RVA Surveyors
The business rates reduction specialists

We offer our services to business rate payers,
whether commercial property owners or tenants,
on a no reduction no fee basis.

How do we reduce your
business rates liabilities?


Government gateway

Once appointed by you, RVA’s Surveying & Audit Department will assist in registering your property and RVA as your agent on the Valuation Office Agency website. This allows RVA’s surveyors to start the process of reviewing your business rates.


On-site surveyor inspection

Our surveyor will visit your property to complete an on-site inspection. Following the inspection the surveyor will then research for relevant comparable evidence to build a case that would support a reduction in your business rates liability. In almost every case, this will entail our surveyor drawing up detailed plans of your property.


Check, challenge, appeal & audit

Where the surveyor has identified a possible reduction in your business rates liability they will lodge a check as part of the Check Challenge Appeal process. In addition to this our audit team will undertake a forensic review of your account with the local authority to identify any further or additional savings to be made.


Successful reduction

RVA has an 85% success rate at Check Challenge Appeal and Audit. We promise to continue the fight, wherever possible to drive down your business rates liabilities.

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Our surveyors will complete an onsite inspection of every property to find any discrepancies in the information held by the Valuation Office Agency about the internal and external uses of the property .The surveyors will then produce an up to date and precise plan, while undertaking research to find relevant comparable evidence that would support a case to reduce the liability for the property through the Check, Challenge, Appeal process.


Offices & Premises

It is not uncommon to find offices
and premises to be overpaying vast sums based on extremely out-dated or incorrect information held by the valuation office.


Retail, Leisure & Showroom

All too often
there are huge inconsistencies within the
properties valuation which can lead to vast sums being overpaid.


Industrial & Plant

Warehouse & Industrial due to the complex nature of the rating system coupled  with the use of plant and machinery, there are often discrepancies within the valuation for an industrial or plant property.

Merry Christmas from our team

RVA Surveyors are based in Manchester and made up of a team of experienced surveyors, data specialists, sales and account managers.

We are always ready and willing to answer any questions you might have and to keep you up to date with your case throughout Check Challenge Appeal and Audit.

For more information over this festive period, call RVA Surveyors and speak to one of our friendly savings specialists.

Why choose RVA?

Like many things, it is possible for businesses
to achieve reductions in their business rates themselves, however
the complexity of the business rates system means that most
businesses engage a business rates reduction specialist.


Over 40,000 properties have so far
engaged with RVA Surveyors.


Under the Check, Challenge, Appeal and
Audit process over 85% of properties where a
check is lodged receive a reduction.


Simply put, unless there is a reduction
or rebate in the business rates liability for your
property there are no fees for our services.

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