RVA Get Into The Festive Spirit In Support Of Macmillan

RVA got into the Christmas spirit this festive season, with a Christmas jumper day to help raise money for the charity Macmillan. The team was able to accomplish this goal by raising £140 for the day, including some memorable photos that will keep the company in good spirits into the New Year.


The financial pressures of the past couple of years plus the on going pandemic has left the country as a whole in a slump, but as RVA found that a uplifting day for the right causes can raise everyone’s morale.


At RVA we are proud to help local charities and give back as we grow, this is something we look to continue doing into the New Year along with your help we can make a bigger difference.


If you’re a charity, a local group or even a sports team looking for assistance with your programme, then we would like to hear from you. Our specialist internal team may be able to offer help in reducing your costs or even with sponsoring an event that’s important to you.


Established in 2008, RVA Surveyors, a business rates Manchester-based company, who employ over 100 people, are one of the fastest growing business rates reduction specialists in the UK. With industry leading success rates they offer a no reduction no fee service.


For more information on how you can donate, go here.