RVA Reduce North West Companies Business Rates


Manchester-based business rates reduction specialist, RVA Surveyors, has announced thousands of commercial businesses across the North West have made substantial savings, as part of its no reduction, no fee service.


RVA Surveyors works closely with a huge breadth of different businesses within the region from retail, leisure, hospitality, education and healthcare right through to industrial and food and drink, offices and sport facilities. RVA has been able to support these sectors by achieving historic and future savings through the Government’s Check Challenge Appeal process.


High street businesses from the retail, leisure and showroom sectors equated to almost 40% of those able to reduce their business rates liability by engaging RVA Surveyors, while nearly 30% of the reductions came from the manufacturing, industrial and plant industry.


With the Government’s pandemic support for businesses ending, thousands are facing rising costs in the relief, as part of recovery support for businesses impacted by Covid-19 will revert back to their pre-pandemic rates meaning many could lose the relief entirely. This silent tax will total more than £26 billion each year for the Government.


Steve Hughes, CEO of RVA Surveyors, commented: “It is a common and recurring issue that businesses assume they are paying the correct business rates for their commercial premises. We are programmed to accept that our tax is calculated based upon our individual circumstances and we very rarely question the accuracy. Many even presume they will be notified by the relevant government department if they are paying too much. Unfortunately, it is this level of apathy that makes business rates an archaic and deeply flawed system. Plus, querying your tax liability is a daunting and time consuming process. That’s where we can help, as is evidenced by our latest data from the North West.


“As a North West-based business owner, it fills me with pride that we have been able to help almost 3,000 regional companies reduce their business rates liability. A business rates reduction can be an invaluable cash boost, and there is no greater time than now that businesses need this. We have seen first hand the impact this can have here in the North West.”


Based in Stockport, Hazel Grove Golf Club had previously engaged with RVA Surveyors to assess its business rate. RVA found grounds and through the Check Challenge Appeal process achieved future reductions along with additional backdated reductions to 2017 – for the sports facility.


Chairman at Hazel Grove Golf Club, Mick Jones commented: We had been having an extensive review of all our costs. After an initial exploratory meeting with RVA we found that business rates made up 10% of the club’s financial costs. It’s not something we felt we had very much influence over and didn’t really understand.


“The measurements and plan undertaken by RVA were an invaluable part of the process and really brought it to life for us. The process was simple and we’ve already benefited from our business rates being reduced – and with backdated payments to 2017 – all because of the work undertaken by RVA.


“We liked the personal touch of RVA: they approached us, came in to talk to us, made us feel at ease and there were no strings attached. They clearly explained what the benefits were to us and what the benefits would be to RVA, which gave us confidence that we were talking to a good company.


“I would have no hesitation in recommending RVA to any other Golf Club or business. RVA is a professional organisation with people that sit and work with you, listen and try to help you to mutual benefit.”


Established in 2008, RVA Surveyors, a business rates Manchester-based company, who employ over 100 people, are one of the fastest growing business rates reduction specialists in the UK. With industry leading success rates they offer a no reduction no fee service.


As seen on: https://businesscheshire.co.uk/2022/01/14/north-west-companies-slash-business-rates/