RVA Surveyors announces internal promotions for surveying team

 By Molly Jackson-Holm | 03rd October 2023

RVA Surveyors have promoted two of their surveyors to Assistant Surveyor Mentors. This is the latest in a series of internal promotions at the business over the last twelve months.

These promotions for Leah Williams and Henry Winterbottom are in recognition of their continued development, and ever-increasing knowledge and capabilities.

“Their hard work and commitment has been incredible, and these promotions are fully deserved.” Anthony Hughes, Managing Director of RVA Surveyors, said.

“As we develop and expand as a company, we are glad to be able to promote from within to support the department. These promotions are a reflection on the growth and responsibility they have shown, to help us meet the ever-growing demand from our clients as we expand our services’’.

All of the company’s surveyors go through an initial six-month surveyor training programme, including both Williams and Winterbottom. As part of their commitment to developing their teams, RVA Surveyors hosts several internal training programmes – including a ten-month Junior Management programme which is currently underway.

“I know we’re both really pleased with the opportunities presented by this role,” Henry Winterbottom added, “We will work to ensure that the high standards within the surveying team are maintained, whilst continuing to develop our own, and our fellow surveyors’ knowledge.”

These appointments will see both Assistant Surveyor Mentors taking on more responsibilities as their roles expand. Including, but not limited to, overseeing and reviewing all relevant casework; managing targets and performance; supporting the development of the team; and creating pathways for the growth and progression of others.

“I’m very pleased that both Henry and Leah have achieved these promotions,” Louis Worthington, Surveyor Mentor at RVA Surveyors, said. “Their growing expertise and organisation skills are invaluable to us as we expand the department, and business.”


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