RVA Surveyors Expands Its Graduate Trainee Scheme


Molly Jackson-Holm | 18th July 2022


After the recent success of its latest graduate trainee scheme, RVA Surveyors is now accepting applicants for another training programme to begin in September/October.


For 2022, RVA Surveyors have dedicated themselves to taking on up to twelve new graduate positions in the surveying department, and in March they took on seven trainees for their surveyor programme. This programme is part of RVA’s wider plan to invest in new and existing employees as they expand throughout the year. Several of whom will soon be undertaking qualifications with the Institute of Revenues and Valuation (IRRV).


Clare Whitfield, Head of Surveying and Operations, commented:


“The surveyor programme was introduced in June last year as part of a more tailored approach to the Graduate Scheme. It has worked fantastically, and has been a huge boost to the continual growth of our existing departments. We are very excited by the progress they have made.”


In the first half of the surveyor programme, Surveyor Trainer Richard Millington guides the trainees through a comprehensive programme of both theoretical and practical work. From examining a wide range of commercial properties, they learn the specifics of property inspection over several weeks, before heading into the office.


The trainees are supervised through the complicated government systems as well as having the opportunity to shadow experienced surveyors in the field. Richard is available to the trainees every day for support and guidance as they transition from simply shadowing, to individual work. This intense training saw six of the original seven trainees’ make it through the programme. Several of whom have had their first reductions come through after only a month in the field.


Anthony Hughes, Managing Director of RVA Surveyors, said:


“The success of our initial Graduate Scheme has been great across the board, and it is a real privilege to see these young people take the first steps of their surveying careers. We are excited to see them build on these skills with RVA. Due to the success of the programme and an increased demand for our service, we have already begun recruiting for further intake later this year.”


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Established in 2008, RVA Surveyors, a business rates Manchester-based company, who employ over 100 people, are one of the fastest growing business rates reduction specialists in the UK. With industry leading success rates they offer a no reduction no fee service.

RVA Surveyors Expands Its Graduate Trainee Scheme