RVA Surveyors Highlight Their Support of Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

Molly Jackson-Holm | 10th May 2022

The Mental Health Foundation started the Mental Health Awareness Week twenty-one years ago and it has only grown since. Their persistence has allowed for an increasing awareness of the importance a person’s mental health has on their wellbeing. This year, Mental Health Awareness Week runs from the 9th to the 15th May.


For 2022, the chosen theme is loneliness. Loneliness can lead to a myriad of mental health problems and according to The Mental Health Foundation, one in four adults feel lonely all or some of the time. At RVA Surveyors we aim to support our employees with all manners of issues, and mental health is one we are particularly passionate about. Our partnership with the employee assistance programme (EAP) Health Assured, the only EAP to be accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP),  allows us to make sure that our employees receive around the hour access to the mental, physical, and financial advice and support offered not only through their app, but their confidential helplines as well.


When combating loneliness, reaching out to others is especially important. Nobody should be afraid to talk about their problems. That is why at RVA we have trained and appointed four Mental Health First Aiders so that employees always have someone on-site to speak with. This training allows them to not only promote a mentally healthier workplace, but also raise awareness as well.


Anthony Hughes, Managing Director at RVA Surveyors, said: “By providing both remote and on-site mental health support, we are able to ensure that our team’s wellbeing is at the forefront of everything we do. We take this responsibility very seriously, and the safeguards we have put in place allow us to do our part in ending the stigma around speaking about mental health.”


There are many practical steps to tackling mental health issues such as loneliness, and different things work for different people. By having a mental health strategy in place for people to be able to access safe and confidential assistance, RVA are able to continue empowering their employees as one of the fastest-growing business rates reduction specialists in the UK.


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