London Art Centre Brushes Up On Their Business Rates

Case study:

Sunny Art Centre | London

Sunny Art Centre lies in the heart of London; offering the public a wide range of exhibitions and classes focused on art forms from across the world. Sponsored by Art Council England, Sunny Art Centre prides itself on being a leader in art education.





The Challenge for the Client

The team at Sunny Art Centre were unaware that their property could be incorrectly rated, and after speaking with RVA Surveyors, decided to engage with us further to see what could be done.  Reassured by our 85% success rate, the team at Sunny Art Centre were happy for RVA Surveyors to investigate a significant reduction in their business rates.

The Solution

One of RVA’s surveyors quickly arrived to perform an on-site inspection throughout the property. The surveyor also carried out extensive research into the property, as well as looked further into the rental information of similar properties in the area for comparable evidence.

When building the case, the surveyor realised that there were grounds for a significant reduction to the property’s rateable value (RV).

The Outcome

RVA immediately lodged a Check (the first step of the Check, Challenge, Appeal process) with the Valuation Office Agency (VOA).

The VOA responded quickly, agreeing with the proposed revisions. This meant that Sunny Art Centre received a 13% reduction in their RV.

Client Comments and Recommendations

“We definitely recommend RVA Surveyors. The surveyor was very professional and punctual and was able to explain everything to us in detail so that we understood where we were at every step. Especially for small business like us, RVA’s professional knowledge and help is extensively great for us.”

Sunny Art Centre – London | Gallery November 23, 2022